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If There's 1 Event To Attend This Year, Make It...


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May 10-12 in Miami, Florida

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Co-Founder of SOROS Fund & Quantum Fund

Over $27,000,000,000 (Billion) Known AUM

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When You Come To Miami,

You'll Have The Rare Chance To...

Learn from emerging managers with $10m+ AUM, to established fund managers with $20B+... giving you an entire scope on how to launch OR scale in today's day and age.

Which means
a perfect game-plan to take you to any level you want!

Hear the inside-scoop for ALL pressing matters... With all the news about the banking crisis, we don't want you in the dark. What's safe? What's working? Jim Rogers is going to spill all the beans

Learn proven launch strategies from $10M+ Emerging Managers... Which means you get to skip what doesn't work and immediately apply what does (tickets are going fast...)

Discover unknown scaling strategies from $20B+ Fund Managers... Which means you'll get the perfect game-plan to scale to any level you want.

Propel yourself into the secretive world of High Finance... Whether you're trying to launch a fund now or not, the skills and tactics used by Funds is enough to scale any form of business  

Befriend more high-caliber people than you've ever met before... The #1 compliment I got last year was that the caliber of person in this room was second-to-none!  (America's wealthiest room)

3 Days Of Leveling Up On All Verticals 🚀

It's All Going Down In
Sunny Miami, Florida!

Click The Button Above And I'll See You In Miami!

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Bridger Pennington
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Wall Street Rebels,

I'm going to let you in on a secret:

Look at what people are DOING, not SAYING.

And when I look at the last 100 years, most top businessmen ended up playing the same game:


This wasn't dependent on good markets or bad...

But simply who had access to information no one else had.

However, we are in a new era -- where anyone who is savvy enough, can make it happen...

And the pinnacle of that is Fund Launch LIVE 🔥

This year we have 2.5x the room capacity, budget, and quality...

Which means...

🚀 2.5x the possible connections
🚀 2.5x the 'wealth' of the room
🚀 2.5x the opportunity


🚀 At least 10x the value.

Here at Fund Launch, we have a mission of making the vehicle of funds possible for all investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs...

Not just the lucky few who were born right.

So join us in Miami for the most impactful 3 days of your year, as you are able to:

✔️ Meet the people you need
✔️ Learn the hard-to-find info you need
✔️ And get your catalyst to SCALE!

Does Wall Street like this event?


Which is more the reason for you to join us this year at Fund Launch LIVE 🚀

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Your Own Fund Is Right Around The Corner.

Discover Your Perfect Blueprint At Fund Launch LIVE!

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Day 1: The Fund Core

Thomas Kempis once said, "The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be laid."

The foundation is what makes a fund successful. By building your foundation around our teachings on day 1, you're setting yourself up for massive, predictable scale.

If you vary from the path, however, everything becomes uncertain. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 11.26.51 AM.png

Day 2: Asset Class Deep-Dives

We're bringing in the absolute best in the fund world, as we peak behind the scenes on what's scaling their companies right now. 

Each speaker will cover in-depth a different model:
• Real Estate Funds
• Crypto Funds
• Hedge Funds
• Private Equity Funds
• Venture Capital Funds
• M&A 
• Alternative Asset Funds
• Debt Funds
• And More 🚀

And the beauty is, even if the current speaker isn't in your direct market, I'm willing to bet they have some gold that applies to you. 


Day 3: Raising & Scaling

Now that you have your fund framed out with an absolutely irresistible deal & thesis...

it's time to raise and scale!

• How do you find those investors?
• How do you close the investors?
• Once you've raised the money, how do you actually put your fund in motion?
• Once things are going great, how do you pour gasoline on the fire?

All great questions, and all will be answered on the last and final day through our amazing entourage of speakers. 


MAY 10-12





Co-Founder of the Quantum Fund

Over $27,000,000,000 (Billion) Known AUM



World Famous Speaker 

Author of 'Power of One More'

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Bridger Pennington

Founder Of Ugly Unicorn Fund
CEO of Fund Launch

Ed-Mylett-Quotes-1479189964 (1) (1).png

Ed Mylett

World Famous Speaker
Author of 'Power of One More'

Lincoln Archibald

Scaled Clients To $2B+ AUM
Co-Founder of BCCP

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Jim Rogers

Co-Founder of Quantum Fund
With George Soros

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Pace Morby

Host of A&E's "Triple Digit Flip"
Expert In Creative Deal Financing

1 png

David Yeow

Former Pharmacist
Launched A $10M Hedge Fund

5 png

Ryan Miller

Expert Capital Raiser
$50M VC Fund

4 png

Koloa Wolfgramm

How He Acquired $300M Of Real Estate In Just 18 MONTHS!

Veena Jetti

$300M AUM | Raised $50m In 8 Weeks As A Full-Time Mother

George Chanos

Former Nevada Attorney General
Keynote On "The Next 20 Years"

Steve Larsen

World-Class Expert On Creating Incredible Presentations & Offers

Surprise Presenter

FLL'22 Most Popular Speaker
Deca-Billion Family of Funds


Founder of Wake-Up Warrior
8-Figure Entrepreneur


Private Equity & V.C.
'Contrarian Investing'


Over $1B In Multi-Family
"Using Data To Predictably Scale"

Tim Ballard

"Scaling Our Non-Profit To Fight The Worlds Worst Evils"


World's #1 Sales Trainer
'The 7 Pitch Killers'

Jen Gottlieb

'How To Get Featured In Major Publications To Build A Strong Personal Brand'



Runs Cardone Capital ($4b AUM)
'How We Onboard $1m-$3m/day'

Sean Whalen

Founder Of Lion's Not Sheep, And World Class Speaker

Vusi Thembekwayo

Africa's 1 Venture Capitalist 
Over $200mm AUM

Mia Love

Former Congresswoman

fortune 500 company board member

Jason Hartman

Real Estate Expert & Economist

CEO of Empowered Investor

Dan Young

Founder of Xidax & PC LaptopsCrypto Expert

Mason Vranes

IFS Co-Founder
Marketing Expert

John Karony

CEO of Safemoon
Top Crypto Project

Ryan Pineda

Money Game Expert
Multiple 8-Figure Companies

Sarah Sullivan

Founder of SuGo Capital
$260M AUM

Tim Ballard

Founder of Operation Underground Railroad

Roland Frasier

M&A ExpertSold Over 24 Businesses

At Fund Launch Live, We Have 2 Types Of Tickets.

Both Are Great, 1 Just Has A Few Extra Perks:

- General Admission -

 3 Day Immersion Event

 Network With Emerging Fund Managers

 Private Event Facebook Group

 Unreleased Wall St Rebel Merch

 BONUS: Best of Bridger's Speeches

 Plus More...



 Everything In G.A., PLUS:

 Early Room Access for Premium Seating

 VIP Lunch

 Networking With The Rooms Best

 And More To Be Announced...

*Only 2,500 Seats Available. No Exceptions


Of What You'll Be Experiencing At Fund Launch Live!

Tuesday, May 9th


Registration From 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Wednesday

Fund Launch Live really begins Tuesday!

Be sure to arrive early on Wednesday to register, network with all the other members, and settle in. Because on Thursday we are hitting the ground running!

Don't fall victim to incompetent airlines and weather. 

I've been to several events where I had to show up a day or two LATE because airlines cancel flights, weather happens, and it seems like the world conspires against you when you're about to make a big breakthrough. And I have some killer things planned for Wednesday morning that you won't want to miss...

So make sure to plan generously... I know that I'll be there a whole week early!


The Fund Foundation

Wednesday, May 10th

 Doors open at 12:00pm


Co-Founder of Fund Launch, Ugly Unicorn Fund

Bridger will be with you throughout the entire 3-day event, Speaking multiple times each day. While he doesn't want to ruin the surprise of what he's talking about, here's a hint:


Bridgers one mission at Fund Launch Live is to make his presentations worth 10X the investment of the whole event, and this year promises to do just that.



To be announced in MARCH

However, this speaker is an incredible Private Equity investor... And has scaled their funds to the 9-figure range.

They specialize in buying and scaling food brands -- And you'll be surprised by the strategy of acquisition you can add into your business.

With the likelihood of distressed brands skyrocketing this year, there's no better time to get moving on this vertical...


"How I Raised $50m In 8 Weeks As A Full-Time Mother"

Last year, Veena was at Fund Launch LIVE...

But it wasn't until I met her at our Mexico Black Card Summit that I realized how incredible she was!

We did a pitching contest, and she blew the entire group out of the water.

It was later revealed to me that she raised $50m in 8 weeks, and has since scaled to over $300m 🔥

If there's someone who knows how to raise capital when the waters are choppy... it's Veena.

While it may be easy to raise money if you come from the right family or have the 'perfect conditions'...

Veena is completely self-made and is a full-time mother...

Which makes her success all the more impressive -- and overall scientific. 



While I won't spill too many beans on this person...

There's quite a few "influencers" out there who aren't able to do much with their following...


This person figured out how to perfectly leverage his following to partner with incredible people... making himself very wealthy in the process 🏆

Whenever I hear a person teach about social media, I'm usually met with very shallow and unhelpful advice...

But this speaker is going to dive deep and leave you with tactful information that you can use to grow your own following. 

The currency of attention is one of this worlds most valuable currencies, and it's your time to get the attention you deserve!


The Top 3 Indicators All Successful Funds Have

If you're inside any of our programs, then you know the name Lincoln Archibald. 

Lincoln is the head of all consulting at Fund Launch, and is one of the smartest Fund minds I know. 

As a consultant, Lincoln has advised on fund structures, strategies & fundraising efforts across the alternative asset landscape...

...Resulting in more than $2.5 Billion raised by his clients in the past 2 years!

Lincoln currently serves as a strategic advisor/board member on multiple funds. Prior to his consulting work, Lincoln brings prior experience from banking (JP Morgan), Venture Capital, and Real Estate Development.

So when I asked Lincoln to speak...

he asked me what it should be about. 

As I sat back and thought, I knew that Lincoln could speak on ANYTHING...

But since he's in the weeds with SO MANY different kinds of funds every day...

I wanted to know what the top 3 indicators he sees that pretty much guarantee a fund to launch well. 

Not obvious things... like have a great thesis and waterfall this and that...

But the LESS OBVIOUS things that go a long ways 🚀



Without revealing too much, this person runs one of the most well-known funds on the internet. 

Slightly controversial, very unique, and a whole lot of value to be delivered during this persons presentation. 



I can't announce this speaker publicly, but you are in for a treat...


Asset Class Deep-Dives

Thursday, May 11th

 Doors open at 8:30am

Steve Larsen

"Creating Offers & Presentations That Have Investors Throwing Their Wallets At You"

This person was one of Bridger's earliest business mentors, and has had a massive impact on what Fund Launch is today. 

This speaker is world-class at creating irresistible offers and presentations that people can't say no to...

In a world mainly dominated by an "old-school" approach and demeanor, anyone savvy enough to implement what's taught in this presentation will be miles ahead of the pack 🔥


Scaling Luxury Hotels To $300m In 18 Months

Koloa Wolfgramm is a nationally recognized hotelier and founder of Wolfgramm Capital: a real estate private equity firm that has amassed a 300MM portfolio in its first 18 months.

Koloa founded the firm while still in law school and recently led the all-cash acquisition of the Waldorf Astoria Park City, Utah, becoming the youngest Waldorf hotel owner in the United States at 27 years old.

Prior to founding Wolfgramm Capital, Koloa was the co-founder and COO of a venture-backed PropTech startup.

After exiting his startup, at 24, he was named a partner at a NYC-based venture capital fund (backed by First Round Capital) where he specialized in LegalTech and PropTech investments.



This person runs the fastest growing Venture Capital funds in the state of Utah.

And in his fascinating keynote, he'll be diving into the importance of TIMING

Timing is everything when playing with economics, and is one of the biggest superpowers that this speaker has been able to harness. 

David Yeow

"From 9-5 Pharmacist To $10m Fund...
Here's How To Make The Leap"

It's not every day that someone pulls a complete 180º into the fund game...

David Yeow was your typical Pharmacist just a few years ago. However, he had a knack for trading, and built up his skills on the side. 

Eventually, he took the leap...
And now he runs a $10m Hedge Fund 🚀

It's likely that not everyone at Fund Launch LIVE is a full-time Fund Manager, and that's okay!

You typically don't start running a big fund overnight. Especially if you've already spent most of your life in a different business or career.

These things take time and precision, and David is here to liberate that process for you. 

Pace Morby

"Doing Your First Deal Without Raising Capital"

The hardest deal you'll ever do... is your first deal. 

You likely have no track record and limited resources.

But momentum is powerful, and once you get 1 done, the 2nd is that much easier...

Then the 3rd, 100th, 1000th.

But, it all starts with 1. 

Pace is a master when it comes to helping people getting their FIRST deal done without having to raise capital. 

It all starts with one, and I'm not sure of a quicker and easier way than what Pace has to share with you at Fund Launch LIVE 🚀



The hardest deal you'll ever do... is your first deal. 

You likely have no track record and limited resources.

But momentum is powerful, and once you get 1 done, the 2nd is that much easier...

Then the 3rd, 100th, 1000th.

But, it all starts with 1. 

Pace is a master when it comes to helping people getting their FIRST deal done without having to raise capital. 

It all starts with one, and I'm not sure of a quicker and easier way than what Pace has to share with you at Fund Launch LIVE 🚀


Ed Mylett

The Power Of One More

I heard Ed deliver this speech at an event last year, and it was one of the BEST presentations I've ever witnessed. 

It'll make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, and motivate you to be the best you can be.

Ed Mylett is one of the TOP business leaders and peak performance experts in the world today

He’s been named one of the ‘Top 50 Wealthiest Under 50’, and is the youngest person ever named to the President’s National Leadership Advisory Board.


The feedback from our Round Tables last year was amazing. 

For the entire evening, there will be over 30 round tables hosted by speakers or other large fund managers who want to give back...

👉 Meaning, you get to ask them any questions you have!

Additionally, this is an incredible networking opportunity where you have the chance to meet anyone in the room 


Raising & Scaling

Friday, May 12th

 Doors open at 8:30am




George Chanos

"The Next 20 Years"

I am very particular and critical of speakers.

And this presentation has had a profound impact on me since the day I heard it...

As the former Attorney General of Nevada and world-renowned speaker with an incredible reputation for futuristic strategy...

This speaker has excelled in navigating regulatory hurdles while providing his companies with a "crystal-ball" type of game-plan...

His keynote, "The Next 20 Years", will equip you with clarity and foresight within the fog we're in now... something everyone could use some advice on 💭

Plus he's no stranger to predicting the future (his brother currently has the largest short position on Tesla in the WORLD)...

Garrett J White

Topic TBA

Most men I see aren't moved by much...

But every time I have the pleasure of seeing Garrett speak, it moves everyone to the core. 

And I mean everyone. 

Garrett used to be in Investment Banking, but in 2008 he lost everything...

His business... his marriage... everything.

This spurred on a journey that was the foundation of Wake-Up Warrior...

Wake-Up Warrior is responsible for completely transforming the lives of tens of thousands of married business men in every vertical.

From health, relationships, business, and spirit. 

To not just be exceptional in one of those verticals, but all 4. 

To truly have it all 🔥

And in just 1 keynote presentation, you will have the firepower and capacity to be able to do so.






Jim Rogers

Co-Founder of the Quantum Fund with George Soros

If you need 1 reason to come to Fund Launch LIVE, it's to see this presentation. 

Jim's funds are some of the greatest funds of all time. 

Controversial? Yes. 

Effective? Yes.

It's no secret that we are in a period of economic turbulence, and there's few fund managers out there that have successfully navigated turbulence quite like Jim.

His keynote, "How I See The World and What I Am Doing About It" will be pulling back the curtain on all the insane intel he has that the rest of us don't. 

But most importantly... what are the moves he's going to make?

Find out at Fund Launch LIVE!

After his keynote, he'll be doing a Meet & Greet with you

Here’s What Fund Launch LIVE Is Going To Look Like...


The Fund Blueprint

Friday, April 29th

 Doors open at 8:30am


Money Game Expert | Multiple 8-Figure Companies

Ryan Pineda is what I call an expert in the money game. He runs a fund, RE company, big YouTube channel, and has 2 other businesses that cashflow 8-figures+
Ryan will be teaching you about a Real Estate niche that is very new and practically untouched. First movers here are what will build the future.