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Bridger Pennington
Salt Lake City, UT

You've likely considered coming to Fund Launch LIVE these past few months...

Yet things come up. I get it.

And while nothing can substitute the experience of attending in-person, I wanted to do something for those at home.

Introducing: the FLL'23 ENCORE Event!

Instead of streaming for 12 hours a day like most virtual events...

We will be streaming from 1pm-4pm EST on May 17th-19th.

Within those 3 hours, we are going to live stream around 4 of the best presentations from each day.

That way, you get the essential nuggets without having to sit in front of your computer all day long!

You'll learn our speakers most guarded secrets on:

• What's really going on in the economy...

• Their exact moves that are not only protecting them, but helping them scale even bigger

• How they have shifted their strategy to raise capital in this turbulent market

How they have figured out how to turn $1 into $10... $100... $1,000... $1,000,000 and beyond

• And ultimately, how they are creating wealth that will carry on for generations...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't care if you're an established fund manager, a passive investor, or a hard working business-owner...

If you don't know the things these 18 speakers are about to share...

You will work harder than you have to & you will be much more vulnerable than you need to be...

Does Wall Street like this event?


Which is more the reason for you to join us this year at Fund Launch LIVE 🚀

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Learn proven launch strategies from $10M+ Emerging Managers... Which means you get to skip what doesn't work and immediately apply what does (tickets are going fast...)

Discover unknown scaling strategies from $20B+ Fund Managers... Which means you'll get the perfect game-plan to scale to any level you want.

Propel yourself into the secretive world of High Finance... Whether you're trying to launch a fund now or not, the skills and tactics used by Funds is enough to scale any form of business  

Befriend more high-caliber people than you've ever met before... The #1 compliment I got last year was that the caliber of person in this room was second-to-none!  (America's wealthiest room)

3 Days Of Leveling Up On All Verticals 🚀


Not every speaker's presentation will be streamed.
Around 4 from each day will be selected:


World Famous Speaker 

Author of 'Power of One More'

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Bridger Pennington

Founder Of Ugly Unicorn Fund
CEO of Fund Launch

Ed-Mylett-Quotes-1479189964 (1) (1).png

Ed Mylett

World Famous Speaker
Author of 'Power of One More'

Lincoln Archibald

Scaled Clients To $2B+ AUM
Co-Founder of BCCP

Surprise Presenter

FLL'22 Most Popular Speaker
Deca-Billion Family of Funds

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Pace Morby

Host of A&E's "Triple Digit Flip"
Expert In Creative Deal Financing

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David Yeow

Former Pharmacist
Launched A $10M Hedge Fund

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Ryan Miller

Expert Capital Raiser
$50M VC Fund

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Koloa Wolfgramm

How He Acquired $300M Of Real Estate In Just 18 MONTHS!

Veena Jetti

$300M AUM | Raised $50m In 8 Weeks As A Full-Time Mother

George Chanos

Former Nevada Attorney General
Keynote On "The Next 20 Years"

Steve Larsen

World-Class Expert On Creating Incredible Presentations & Offers


Founder of Wake-Up Warrior
8-Figure Entrepreneur


Private Equity & V.C.
'Contrarian Investing'


Over $1B In Multi-Family
"Using Data To Predictably Scale"

Tim Ballard

"Scaling Our Non-Profit To Fight The Worlds Worst Evils"


World's #1 Sales Trainer
'The 7 Pitch Killers'

Jen Gottlieb

'How To Get Featured In Major Publications To Build A Strong Personal Brand'



Runs Cardone Capital ($4b AUM)
'How We Onboard $1m-$3m/day'

Sean Whalen

Founder Of Lion's Not Sheep, And World Class Speaker

Vusi Thembekwayo

Africa's 1 Venture Capitalist 
Over $200mm AUM

Mia Love

Former Congresswoman

fortune 500 company board member

Jason Hartman

Real Estate Expert & Economist

CEO of Empowered Investor

Dan Young

Founder of Xidax & PC LaptopsCrypto Expert

Mason Vranes

IFS Co-Founder
Marketing Expert

John Karony

CEO of Safemoon
Top Crypto Project

Ryan Pineda

Money Game Expert
Multiple 8-Figure Companies

Sarah Sullivan

Founder of SuGo Capital
$260M AUM

Tim Ballard

Founder of Operation Underground Railroad

Roland Frasier

M&A ExpertSold Over 24 Businesses


Of What You'll Be Experiencing At Fund Launch Live!

Tuesday, May 9th


Registration From 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Tuesday


Money Game Expert | Multiple 8-Figure Companies

Ryan Pineda is what I call an expert in the money game. He runs a fund, RE company, big YouTube channel, and has 2 other businesses that cashflow 8-figures+
Ryan will be teaching you about a Real Estate niche that is very new and practically untouched. First movers here are what will build the future.


Founder of SuGo Capital | $260M AUM

Sarah Sullivan is the founder and owner of SuGo Capital, an investment company that connects investors to strong passive income via real estate. 
SuGo Capital currently has over $260M worth of assets under management with a track record of over 35% ARR for investors at exit.
She's going to dive in on how to find low risk, hands off passive income real estate investment opportunities... while protecting and growing your money to build generational wealth.


Hedge & RE Fund | $2.5 Billion AUM 

Those inside the IFS community know GK well. He's the legend that joined IFS right when if first started...
And then 18 months later, Gopala was managing around $2.5B. 
Was it a fluke? Absolutely not... 
When someone commits not to just making money, but the true craft of what they're doing, something really cool happens...
GK will share the secrets that allowed him to scale so quickly as an emerging Fund Manager. 


Co-Founder of IFS | World-Class Marketing Expert

As far as new-age marketers go, Mason Vranes is at the top of the class. Generating millions upon millions online since he was 19, he also knows in great detail the marketing game of funds. 
(After all, he did build IFS from the ground up with Bridger. And if you know about IFS, it's because of Mason.)
As far as his presentation goes... if your fund isn't getting investors pounding on your door, you have a marketing problem. If you ever feel like you're trying to force investors to see your vision, you have a marketing problem. 
By playing the marketing game of funds correctly, what you're really doing is taking the heavy lifting off of you, and onto the efforts of your unique 'message'. 
When this is done, they're already sold before you exchange your first words... and Mason will show you exactly how to do that. 


Real Estate Expert & Economist | CEO of Empowered Investor

Jason has done thousands of Real Estate deals in his life, and is an incredible economist. 
As Chief Executive Officer at Empowered Investor, Jason specializes in helping you locate, finance and purchase properties in exceptional markets with confidence and peace of mind.
Not only does he offer you valuable assistance in acquiring properties, but he will show you how to develop an investment strategy that will take advantage of the next real estate market downturn.
When I had him speak at my Black Card Summit event, everyone told me they wished Jason had more time to speak. 
The way he views the markets and worlds is truly unique, and I can't wait for him to show you the inside scoop at Fund Launch Live. 


World Class Pitching & Money Raising Expert

Vu Tran is an expert in articulating entrepreneurial messaging, elevating brands, integrating business systems to improve efficiency, and leveraging debt. 
He's currently building a diversified portfolio of businesses including a construction company, a mortgage brokerage, a short-term rental business, and a diversified real estate development and acquisitions group.
Vu is one of the best pitchmen I know. I was so impressed by how he made his decks and pitched to investors, that I had to beg him to coach Black Card part-time.
So he'll be showing you his secrets to blowing away investors with your pitch.

Sean Whalen

Founder of Lion's Not Sheep | World Class Speaker

Sean is the founder of Lion's Not Sheep, Lion's Den, and more. Completely bootstrapped, Sean's companies cashflow multiple 8-figures every year.
Sean coaches men and women, entrepreneurs & CEO’s on building and scaling their business while at the same time building and scaling their home life. 
Sean will share with you why it's crucial to “be the lion”...
A strategy far more important that any type of content or advertising strategy.
He is one of those speakers that grips the entire room... where you'd even hear a thumbtack drop. I gave Sean the liberty to speak on whatever he feels is best, so come ready to be amazed. 

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3-Day Virtual Event


Instead of dragging out the event for 8+ hours per day...

We are condensing everything, giving you the essential nuggets for 4 hours each day.

TIME: From 1PM to 5PM EST
DATES: May 17-19

STEP 1: Reserve Your Ticket

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May 17-19


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3 Day Live Stream || 4 Hours Per Day

Thanks again, and we're so excited to share with you some of the magic from Fund Launch LIVE!

Bridger Pennington

Frequently Asked Questions


FLL Dates (The "Event")

May 17th - 10th, 2023 (Registration will begin on the 9th)

Where/What Equipment Will I Need?

The stream will happen over Zoom.

All you need is a computer and a free zoom accont.

You will receive the links via email each day

Tickets & Registration

How much are tickets?

We understand this is a condensed virtual event, and you are missing out on a ton of the benefits that you get in-person.

For that reason, the tickets for our ENCORE event cost $97(instead of $997 like the live event)

I live outside of the United States, do you have special pricing based on our exchange rate?

No, all tickets are $97 USD

What is the Refund Policy?

If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than May 16th, 2023 (24 hours before the event).

Event General Questions

What is the Event schedule going to be?

- Day 1, 2 and 3 kick off at 1pm EST

- The event will typically end around 5pm EST each day

- We do reserve the right to change this schedule at any time.

Who are the speakers this year?

While you won't be getting every speaker that is at the live event, you will be getting around 4 presentations from each day.


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